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Cupid's Arrow or Pin the Arrow on Cupid
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Cupid's Arrow is a variation of the well known party favorite, Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  You'll need a large piece of paper.  Poster board works great and can be found in most office supply stores. You'll also need push pins and a blindfold. Either draw cupid on the poster board or cut him out of white paper and paste him on the poster board.
Next. draw a red heart on him or cut out and paste a red heart on him.  You can choose where you put the heart, the chest is optional.

Next, cut out arrows from construction paper or cardboard.  They should be long enough and sturdy enough to be handled.  Place a push pin or thumb tack through the point.  You'll need one arrow for each person who plays the game.

Each player will get to try to pin the arrow on Cupid's heart, but before they do, they'll have to don the blindfold and be gently turned in a circle several times and then pointed in the general direction of Cupid who should be hanging on a wall.

The player who hits the heart or comes the closest to the heart wins.

One variation for couples is to let one member of the couple try to pin the arrow on while the other member gives clues by saying, "warmer" when their partner gets closer to the heart and "colder" as they move away from the heart.
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